ASHRM 2019 Wednesday Keynote: Christine Hofbeck

Winning Conditions

Winning conditions can be achieved when you not only deliver a winning work product, but also deliver it in a way that is best received by your business partners. By understanding the [perhaps unspoken] motivations and positions of our business partners, we can increase our professional influence and achieve maximum impact. Christine will share scientifically proven frameworks that help create winning conditions, illustrated through personal stories drawn from her career and participation on a reality television show.

About Christine Hofbeck

Christine is an independent consulting actuary and frequent keynote speaker who specializes in helping organizations mitigate risk through a build or optimization of predictive analytics capabilities and data driven decisioning. Her work has been featured in publications including The Actuary, Sync Magazine, and on National Geographic's documentary television series "Breakthrough". She holds degrees from the University of Pennsylvania and MIT, and currently serves on the Society of Actuaries Executive Board of Directors. Her nonfiction motivational business book on Winning Conditions will be published during 2020 by Viva Editions.

Christine ("Chrissy") also competed on season 35 of CBS's hit reality TV show, SURVIVOR, which aired in the fall of 2017. Despite being the oldest player in the game, she placed 2nd overall and tied the record for the most individual immunity wins by a woman in Survivor history. She also won "Player of the Season" in a landslide vote by Survivor fans.

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