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Clinical/Patient Safety Track Sponsored by Datix:


Monday, October 8

Session Title Room Track Level
7:00 - 8:00 AM    
M-01 Sexual Misconduct Allegations: Law, Ethics and Controlling Risk   Claims & Litigation Foundation
M-02 Florence Nightingale Meets Wearable Technology:  Innovation in Pressure Injury Prevention   Clinical/Patient Safety Practitioner
M-03 Who Says You Can't Go Home? Let's Talk Risk   Health Care Operations Practitioner
M-04 Firearms and Health Care   Legal & Regulatory Foundation
M-05 Doctors Getting Old, Burnt Out, or Sued:  Is Patient Safety at Risk?   Health Care Operations Practitioner
M-07 Managing the Risk: Data Sharing and Electronic Health Records   Performance Outcomes & Quality Practitioner
9:00 - 10:00 AM    
M-11 Batch Events: Prevention and Mitigation   Claims & Litigation Practitioner
M-12 A million incident reports: So what? So…blog! Storytelling through blogging to drive learning and change   Clinical/Patient Safety Foundation
M-13 When Disasters Strike: Go Social!   Leadership Practitioner
M-14 Advanced Practice Clinicians in Health Care: What Your Faculty Needs to Know   Legal & Regulatory Advanced
M-15 ERM 1.0: How Two Healthcare Systems Successfully Implemented ERM   Health Care Operations Foundation
M-16 What You Need to Know when the CEO Says "Let's Create a Captive!"   Risk Financing Practitioner
M-17 Leveraging Data to Reduce Medication Risks Across Care Settings   Performance Outcomes & Quality Advanced
9:00 - 11:15 AM    
M-18 Communicating with Confidence Workshop   Workshop Foundation
10:15 - 11:15 AM    
M-21 Bitter Pill: Vulnerabilities in Health Care Related to Opioids   Claims & Litigation Foundation
M-22 Identification and Reduction of Imminent Suicide Risk in Health Care Settings   Clinical/Patient Safety Advanced
M-23 A Simple Approach to Integrated Risk Management   Leadership Practitioner
M-24 Cyber Security & Medical Devices: Risk Management Considerations   Legal & Regulatory Practitioner
M-25 Optimizing Event Reporting Efforts with Vendor-Neutral Strategies   Health Care Operations Practitioner
M-26 Handling Risks with Student Programs on Your Hospital Campus   Health Care Operations Foundation
M-27 Are Humans Becoming Obsolete? Technology and Evidence-based Practice Standards   Performance Outcomes & Quality Practitioner
1:15 - 2:15 PM    
M-31 2018 Aon/ASHRM Hospital and Physician Professional Liability Benchmark Study   Claims & Litigation Practitioner
M-32 Maternal Inter-facility Transport: Where Are the Risks?   Clinical/Patient Safety Foundation
M-33 Discover the Value of Collaboration Between RM and HR - Lessons Learned from a Wage & Hour Story   Leadership Practitioner
M-34 Would You Expect Aggression at an Airport? Re-shaping Organizational Culture   Legal & Regulatory Foundation
M-35 Reputation: The Risk of Risks - Crossing the ASHRM ERM Domains   Health Care Operations Practitioner
M-36 Risk Financing and Transfer of Healthcare Regulatory Fraud and Abuse Risk   Risk Financing Advanced
M-37 Care for the Colleague: Recovery After an Event   Performance Outcomes & Quality Practitioner
M-38 The Science and Art of Reserving the Medical Malpractice Case   Workshop Practitioner
2:30 - 3:30 PM    
M-41 Cyber Risks: It's Patient Safety - Clinical, Legal & Insurance Perspectives   Claims & Litigation Foundation
M-42 I Hope You're OK Because I'm Not: The Impact of Provider Mental Health on Patient Safety   Clinical/Patient Safety Practitioner
M-43 What Are Your Safety Culture Land Mines?   Leadership Practitioner
M-44 Medical Device Reporting: Who's to Blame - the Scalpel or the Surgeon?   Legal & Regulatory Advanced
M-45 Managing the Toxic Enterprise Risk of Provider-patient Sexual Misconduct   HealthCare Operations Practitioner
M-46 You Don't Need an Endowment: Leveraging Your Captive for Improvement Patient Safety   Risk Financing Practitioner
M-47 The Risk Management Paradox   Performance Outcomes & Quality Advanced
M-48 Where Do I Begin? Starting an ERM Program   Workshop Foundation
3:45 - 4:45 PM    
M-51 The Myth That Won't Die: Surgical Fires and the Oxygen Problem   Claims & Litigation Advanced
M-52 An Update on Obstetrical Risk   Clinical/Patient Safety Practitioner
M-53 Risk Management and Ethics: Intersection, Engagement, and Impact on Patient Safety   Leadership Practitioner
M-54 Case Law Update 2018   Legal & Regulatory Practitioner
M-55 Handling the Health & Legal Challenges of Working with and Caring for Millennials   Health Care Operations Foundation
M-56 The Value of Connecting Employee Engagement, Patient Experience & Malpractice Costs   Risk Financing Practitioner
M-57 Consider the Alternatives Before Dismissing the Patient: A Collaborative Approach   Performance Outcomes & Quality Foundation
M-58 21 Questions Health Care Boards Should Ask About Risk   Workshop Practitioner


Tuesday, October 9

Session Title Room Track Level
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM    
T-01 You Made the News: Senior Citizen Dies After Staff Fails To...   Claims & Litigation Practitioner
T-02 Look What the Cat Scan Dragged In!   Clinical/Patient Safety Foundation
T-03 External Risk Assessments: Stop Culture from Eating Strategy for Lunch!   Leadership Advanced
T-04 Scoping It Out: Evaluating Scope of Practice Within Physician Offices   Legal & Regulatory Practitioner
T-05 Named #1 in Opioid Abuse: The Headline We Never Expected and Overcoming It   Health Care Operations Practitioner
T-06 Mistakes and Indemnity: Insuring Health Care Construction Projects   Risk Financing Foundation
T-07 Risk Management and Risk Assessment in the Physical Health Care Environment   Performance Outcomes & Quality Practitioner
T-08 Surgical Patient Contamination: Incident Investigation and Material Identification   Workshop Advanced
2:00 - 3:00 PM    
T-11 Say What? The How-To's for Sharing Information Throughout Your Organization   Claims & Litigation Practitioner
T-12 Headline: "Utah Nurse Arrested for Doing Her Job"   Clinical/Patient Safety Practitioner
T-13 Influential from Any Seat: Maximizing the Trusted Advisor Role   Leadership Foundation
T-14 Pain and PICCs: A team approach to improving patient safety and satisfaction while promoting an environment of cost savings   Clinical/Patient Safety Foundation
T-15 Evolving ERM Programs   Health Care Operations Advanced
T-16 Designing a Robust Risk Finance Program: The Essential Steps   Risk Financing Practitioner
T-17 Hurricane Harvey: Lessons Learned in an Unimaginable Reality   Performance Outcomes & Quality Foundation
T-18 Designing Safer Health Care Facilities with the Safety Risk Assessment Toolkit   Workshop Advanced
3:15 - 4:15 PM    
T-21 Physician Claims and Liability Trends in 2018   Claims & Litigation Advanced
T-22 Create a Safe Night: Keeping Patients Safe Overnight   Clinical/Patient Safety Practitioner
T-23 Transgender Q&A: What the Risk Manager Needs to Know   Leadership Practitioner
T-24 Enterprise Risk Management Considerations with Federal Health Care Fraud   Legal & Regulatory Foundation
T-25 Supply Chain and Risk Management – Power of the team!   Health Care Operations Practitioner
T-26 Engaging the Board: Breaking Down the Silos of Risk, Patient Safety & Finance   Risk Financing Foundation
T-27 Meeting Patients' Behavioral Health Needs in Acute Settings   Performance Outcomes & Quality Practitioner
T-28 "How Did You Come Up with That Reserve?"   Workshop Practitioner

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